Enginering Base - Course - Basic Training

Engineering Base Basic Training will give your staff the knowledge they need to kick start their work with the system effectively within few days.

Whether you are new to CAD products and require a general introduction or are an 'experienced hand' requiring a more in-house bespoke training, you will find our Training Courses can help you get the most out of your software.

Feel free to browse the courses and contact us in case you would like to know more about each course, topic or any other inquiry.

Engineering Base Basic Training - Course Topics

  • EB Infrastructure overview
  • Projects in Engineering Base
  • Document structure - diagrams
  • Catalog
  • Block Diagram
  • Creating Electrical Diagrams
  • Creating Blocks with Pin-Out and Signals
  • Engineering Matrix
  • Copying
  • Worksheets and Reports
  • Quality Manager
  • EB revisions
  • Layout diagrams
  • Wizards and utilities
  • Creating Harness Drawing
  • Symbols creation
  • Course Duration

    3 Days


    Even though most of the Topics in the Advanced course are similar to the topics in Basic Training, the course is assmbled to include different advanced functionalities that allow experienced users to be more productive and efficient.