Calculation of the material requirements as well as production and assembly costs
PLC addressing, PLC assignment: Save costs and avoid errors due to multiple entries
Automatic cable length calculation by determination of the optimum cable path
Support of automated manufacturing of mounting plates
Wire setting and bundling
3-D interfacing: Optimize your cabinet design and facilitate cabinet assembly
Intelligent PDF with the easiest imaginable navigation

Engineering Base Electrical solution for design of Electrical Systems

Engineering Base focuses on the design and documentation of electrical systems.
Main Specialities:

  • Design of Electrical Facilities
  • Design of Electrical Cabinets
  • Design in Low/High Voltage
  • Engineering Base Electrical Features and Advantages

  • PLC Wizards, bus design
  • General diagrams and cable run design
  • Full Standard Catalog
  • Automatic reports as a result of the design
  • Parts list
  • Cable list
  • Terminal list
  • Integration to External CAD Solutions

    Engineering Base supports full integration to some of the leading CAD solutions in the market

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Catia
  • Videos and Examples

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